Frugal Family Entertainment Tips

family photoFamily entertainment can cost a small fortune and quickly eat into your family budget if you are not careful. But it does not have to be that way. You can still get together for fun family entertainment without breaking the bank, by making use of free or low-cost entertainment right on your doorstep.

Head to the Library

When was the last time you visited the library? When you were eight years old in need of facts on earthworms for a school project? The local library is no longer just the hang-out of bookworms or students in need of quiet study time. You can now entertain your whole family for less just by visiting your local library.

Look out for DVDs, videos, audio recordings, and other free (or low cost) entertainment. Some libraries even offer their patrons free popcorn, so take full advantage of the facilities at your library, for your family night. Just be sure to return borrowed items on time, otherwise you will find that your entertainment budget is eaten up by late fees.

Get Creative!

Doing the same thing week in and week out can soon become boring which is why it is a good idea to vary your own entertainment and get creative. Come together as a family and brainstorm some ideas. Does Johnny want to put on a play for the whole family next week? Or perhaps Dad wants to take the family for a hike in the forest?

Make a list of everyone’s suggestions and put them in a hat. Pick one out for the week and then make plans to carry it out. Then do the same with the suggestions that were left over, until everyone in the family has had a chance to choose a family entertainment idea. Just be sure to pick something that is reasonable and will not exceed the family budget. A two-week trip to Disneyland for a family of six say seem like a great idea, but is it really going to be feasible?

Meet at the Park

Meeting at the park gives children an opportunity to let off a bit of steam, as they run, play ball and chase the dog, while the adults in the family get to talk, laugh and relax around the picnic hamper. Prepare for a trip to the park by packing a picnic lunch, sporting equipment to keep everyone entertained for a few hours and don’t forget to take the dog along, with his own supplies, to join in the fun.

Frugal family entertainment does not have to be austere and boring. It is still possible to have a lot of fun together as a family without spending a fortune on transportation costs, expensive tickets and snacks. Many families entertain themselves cheaply by heading to the library each week, coming up with creative ways to have fun such as taking long walks, and meeting for a day of fun at the park. The possibilities are endless.…